Researcher of the Month: Dr Éadaoin Slattery – Do Sustained Attention Training Interventions Really Work?

Researcher of the month, Dr Éadaoin Slattery, discusses her recent paper, which systematically reviews the evidence around popular sustained attention training interventions, which are widely used in schools. She talks us through what sustained attention is, why it is important and whether or not widely used interventions are likely to have a significant impact. We’ve probably all heard of brain training, but here Dr Slattery also talks us through some other kinds of interventions, which potentially show more promise.

Books About Autism for Parents, School Staff, Children and Young People

This list consists predominantly of books that are written for parents, carers and school staff by leading experts in the field of autism. The first section is followed by some books that are directed at young people with autism which can be either read by themselves or together with a parent, carer, or at school.

Dr Weston Talks with Justin Bowen: Supporting Bereaved Children at School – a Father’s Story

In this interview, Dr Weston talks with Justin Bowen about his own family’s experience of loss and what prompted him to write support books for parents, schools and children experiencing bereavement. They discuss how schools can best support children who have lost a loved one (and how settings can access Justin’s fantastic and practical book, ‘Be The Rainbow’) and dwell on Justin’s personal insights into things that helped him and his family manage through this deeply challenging time. Justin’s story is an inspiring and empowering message of hope and optimism, and will help schools to see what an important role they can play in helping to heal children who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

Professor Tamsin Ford Answers All of Your Questions

Leading psychiatrist, Professor Tamsin Ford, joins us to answer your top questions about anything and everything related to raising children. This open and honest interview draws on both Professor Ford’s expertise and her personal experiences and covers topics as diverse as aspiration, the school assessment system, adoption and gender. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Talking to Children About the Death of The Queen

The sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is likely to impact on different children, in different ways. If you’d like some support in talking to your child about this issue, here are some evidence-based tips.

Dr Weston Talks with Bennie Kara: Embracing and Valuing Diversity in Schools

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Bennie Kara, deputy headteacher, author and speaker on diversity in the curriculum and school environment. Bennie shares her wealth of expertise on how schools can build an inclusive school culture, talks about the importance of language and outlines some key terminology that all educators and parents should be aware of.

Goal Planner for the New School Year

Goal setting can boost self-esteem and confidence. Encourage children and teens to use our planner over the summer to set some achievable targets for the school year ahead. It’s a good idea to prompt them to think broadly. They could consider skills they want to improve, activities they want to try, school work goals, having fun and acts of kindness.