The Latin and Greek of Our Supermarket Shelves

Greek teacher, David Bowker, gives us the lowdown on how the names of much of the food and produce that we buy today have roots in Latin and Ancient Greek. He also gives us lots of fun facts about the diets of Romans. Perfect for both adults and children to read, this article, which includes suggestions for follow up resources, will help make those boring trips to the supermarket that little bit more interesting.

Leadership for Great Teaching

In this webinar for school staff, David Weston, CEO of the Teacher Development Trust, outlines the key principles of effective teacher professional development and learning. Find out more about the evidence base behind school improvement and learn more about the kind of culture that senior leadership teams should aim to foster.

Reflections on Marriage – A Video for Students (Yrs 7-11)

In this short video, Dr Weston delves into the concept of marriage, sharing research and facts, and dispelling some prevalent myths. With suggestions for classroom exercises and things to consider, Dr Weston looks at various aspects of committed and healthy relationships, the legalities surrounding marriage and she also addresses the issue of forced marriage.

Year 10 Wellbeing Presentation

In this 20 minute video for year 10 students, we help young people to understand more about their stage of development, introduce the concept of emotional literacy and point out the power that teens have in changing their mood and developing resilient habits.

Researcher of the Month: Dr Éadaoin Slattery – Do Sustained Attention Training Interventions Really Work?

Researcher of the month, Dr Éadaoin Slattery, discusses her recent paper, which systematically reviews the evidence around popular sustained attention training interventions, which are widely used in schools. She talks us through what sustained attention is, why it is important and whether or not widely used interventions are likely to have a significant impact. We’ve probably all heard of brain training, but here Dr Slattery also talks us through some other kinds of interventions, which potentially show more promise.

Books About Autism for Parents, School Staff, Children and Young People

This list consists predominantly of books that are written for parents, carers and school staff by leading experts in the field of autism. The first section is followed by some books that are directed at young people with autism which can be either read by themselves or together with a parent, carer, or at school.

Professor Tamsin Ford Answers All of Your Questions

Leading psychiatrist, Professor Tamsin Ford, joins us to answer your top questions about anything and everything related to raising children. This open and honest interview draws on both Professor Ford’s expertise and her personal experiences and covers topics as diverse as aspiration, the school assessment system, adoption and gender. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!