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The Power of the Teacher-Pupil Relationship: A Review of the Evidence

Dr Ingrid Obsuth

This event has passed.

Positive, secure, supportive relationships are a cornerstone of child development and indeed crucial ingredients for well-being. Of all the relationships people may develop across their lifespan, a lot of emphasis, and rightfully so, has been placed on the role of parents and specifically parent-child relationships for the child’s healthy socio-emotional-cognitive development.

But what about other key adults in young peoples’ lives? What role do they play? We know that one of the first settings in which children and teens meet other adults are educational settings, and that young people spend a lot of time at school interacting with their teachers and building relationships with them. This raises the question of whether positive, supportive relationships with teachers can mitigate some of the negative experiences some young people may have with their parents.

These and similar questions have been the subject of Dr Obsuth’s research. In this webinar, Dr’s Weston and Obsuth will explore and invite questions about the power of the teacher-student relationships for shaping young people’s behaviours and wellbeing.

We look forward to receiving your questions in advance of this exciting webinar.

Please note that registration for this webinar is via the Tooled Up website only.