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“Everyone’s Invited”: Key Messages and Actionable Takeaways

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These slides, created by Dr Weston as part of her talk series in schools about the Everyone's Invited movement, will be of interest to those who have attended any of her staff CPD talks on this theme. They are not to be circulated or used without her express consent. For reference only.

Are you looking for further resources designed to help young people develop a better understanding of healthy relationships, equip them with knowledge about challenging unhealthy behaviours and social norms and protect them from harm both off and online?

If so, take a look at a new resource called Respecting Me, You, Us, created by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) and clinical psychologist, Dr Elly Hanson.

Designed for use in schools, it contains eight lesson plans and five short situational films focusing on the following topics: my values; being a positive bystander; rights in relationships; gender stereotypes; listening, understanding and communicating; principles of healthy relationships; principles of healthy sexual experiences and sexual content online.

You might also be interested in the Speak Up/Out Bystanders Project programme of lesson plans and resources intended to raise awareness of sexual harassment and sexism.

The EU Bystanders Project involved teams in four EU countries to develop, implement and evaluate a schools programme intended to encourage active bystanding and create a cultural shift within the school environment.


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