Books About Autism for Parents, School Staff, Children and Young People

This list consists predominantly of books that are written for parents, carers and school staff by leading experts in the field of autism. The first section is followed by some books that are directed at young people with autism which can be either read by themselves or together with a parent, carer, or at school.

Supporting Autistic Students as They Transition to University: A Video

University dropout is more common for autistic young people than for non-autistic young people and the change from school to university can pose many challenges. In this video, youth development researcher, Dr Kathryn Bates, and writer and researcher, Kerrie Portman, herself a young autistic person who has gone through this experience, discuss key recommendations on how we can best support autistic young people as they transition to university.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps & Products for Teens

Understanding more about their menstrual cycle can help young people manage symptoms more effectively. Help your teen to tool up with this list of the best innovations in menstrual cycle tracking apps and sustainable, comfortable, confidence-boosting period products that are highly suitable for younger girls.

Helping Teens Navigate Peer Pressure: 5 Quick Tips

Teens are likely to face scenarios where they feel pressured or cajoled by friends to try something they don’t want to do. Watch this short video to learn five simple and effective ways to help them navigate peer pressure.

How to Feed Your Family Well and Save Money

Meal planner, Claire Gillies from Delicious and Real, gives us her top tips on making weekly food budgets go further and explains how meal planning can save both time and money.

A Quick Guide to Sexting (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Sexting refers to the consensual or non-consensual sharing of nude or semi-nude images or videos and it’s illegal for people under the age of 18. We’ve put together a quick guide, covering key things you need to know and where you can find more advice and information in the Tooled Up library.

Supporting Your Child to Step Away From and Challenge Harmful Talk in Their Peer Group

We’ve joined forces with Dr Elly Hanson to bring you some top tips, straight from the evidence-base, on how to help your child challenge harmful talk and bigotry and what they can do to avoid it. It also includes advice on what you can do if you find that your child is engaging in conversations or using language that denigrates various groups of people.

Questions to Ask Older Teens Ahead of Exams

Preparation for important exams and assessments starts months before the big day itself. We’ve put together a list of helpful conversation prompts to use with older teens at various stages of their revision process, from 3-6 months before their exam right up to the day after.

What Stops Me Asking for Help?

Even when children know who they can call on at times of need and understand how to get help, they might be reticent about seeking it. It’s important to explore any reasons why they might be reluctant and have open conversations about how to overcome these worries. This resource can be used as part of classroom discussion, or at home within family life, to prompt conversation about why seeking help and accessing their support network is always the best option.

New Food Reward Chart

Eating new foods is very challenging for some children and this can make mealtimes stressful both for them and for their parents. We’ve asked our friends at City Dietitians for their expert advice on gentle ways to encourage children to try new tastes. This reward chart, can be used in conjunction with our other resources on food and nutrition, either at home or at school. Remember, for some children, trying a new food can be a long journey. The first time that they are presented with a new flavour, they might only smell it, but even this is an achievement which should be acknowledged. Encourage them to give themselves a tick or a sticker each time they complete a step towards eating a new food.