Supporting Siblings When Their Brother or Sister Has an Eating Disorder

Join Dr Kathy Weston and consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Sophie Nesbitt, for a discussion of the best ways to support the siblings of young people with eating disorders. The family-based nature of most eating disorder treatment approaches means that siblings are likely to be highly impacted when their brother or sister has an eating disorder. Dr Nesbitt shares advice on how to approach conversations with siblings, how to support them through worries and wobbles and how to consider responding to tricky questions.

Parent Observation Diary for Disordered Eating: Notes to Take to GP Appointment

If you are concerned about your child’s eating habits, or that they may have an eating disorder, an appointment with your GP is a crucial first step in getting help. It’s always a good idea to attend this appointment with some clear examples of the behaviours that are concerning you. To help prepare, use this template in advance of a consultation, so that you have some key information to hand. This can help your doctor to make a swift referral if required.

Addressing Critical Gaps in the Treatment of Eating Disorders with Dr Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft

This webinar with Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dr Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft, discusses all of her incredible work addressing treatment gaps in eating disorders. Her research and interventions, including chatbots and mobile screening tools, are designed to make eating disorder treatments more easily available and have further reach, and ensure that professionals are trained effectively to consistently deliver only evidence-based treatments.

Social Media and Body Image with Professor Tracey Wade

This webinar with Professor Tracey Wade examines the links between social media, low body image and disordered eating behaviours. You’ll find a discussion of eating disorders post-pandemic, learn why cultivating positive body image is so crucial and find out more about where brand new research is showing that social media fits in to the bigger picture.

Dr Weston Talks with Eva Musby: A Parent’s Story of Supporting a Child with an Eating Disorder

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Eva Musby, author of ‘Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders: How to Help Your Child Eat Well and Be Well’, about her experiences and the role that parents need to play in the treatment and recovery of young people with eating disorders. Eva brings an important message of hope to all parents going through this challenging experience.

Researcher of the Month: Nora Trompeter Discusses Eating Disorders and Mental Health Literacy

Our researcher of the month, Nora Trompeter, talks to Dr Weston about her recent paper, which examines the differences in eating disorder symptoms between teens who are in treatment and teens who are not. Along with her findings, they discuss the importance of mental health literacy, the wide-ranging impact of poor body image and the differences in motivations for disordered eating behaviours between boys and girls.