Helping Children with Creative Writing

Ideas here for parents to help their child improve their creative writing; a key skill that needs to be honed and worked on in both primary and secondary school.

Helping Your Child with Reading Comprehension

All of our children will have to undertake English comprehension tasks, the whole way through school. How can we ensure that they thrive in this area? What can we do at home to boost their comprehension skills? These quick tips can make a big difference.

Reading to Your Child

One of the major ways that parents can help their children thrive academically at school is to read to them, listen to them read and give them access to books. This video explains how important these activities are and how you can really help.

Spellings and Creative Writing

Children who thrive in English typically have access to lots of family talk at home, games and opportunities that fire their imaginations. Here are some tips that may help parents encourage their children with spelling and creative writing.

Books that Feature Strong Female Characters

Now more than ever, all young people need access to high quality literature featuring inspirational girls and women. This list of books should give you some appropriate texts to try. Like all our resources, it gets frequently updated and revised.