Reflections on Marriage – A Video for Students (Yrs 7-11)

In this short video, Dr Weston delves into the concept of marriage, sharing research and facts, and dispelling some prevalent myths. With suggestions for classroom exercises and things to consider, Dr Weston looks at various aspects of committed and healthy relationships, the legalities surrounding marriage and she also addresses the issue of forced marriage.

Teen Party Planning and Problem Parties: A Lawyer’s Perspective

In this webinar, Dr Weston and experienced criminal defence lawyer, Harriett Mather, (herself a mum of three teens) discuss teen parties.
Post-pandemic, parties are understandably back in fashion, but it is essential that parents understand how to plan for them effectively and safely. Harriett understands all too well what can go wrong at parties and shares her top tips, so that teens and parents can enjoy festivities without fear of regret, harm or… liability!

Books that Support Children in Military Families

Children in military families face certain challenges that their friends might not encounter and can experience their childhood or adolescence quite differently from their peers. Having a parent in active service can entail unique events and transitions for children which might include frequent moves to new schools or homes, having a parent deployed away from home, frequent shifts between living with one parent and both parents and disruptions to friendship networks. This list of books featuring characters with these specific experiences might help any children in this scenario understand their experiences or encourage them to talk about how they feel.

Supporting Young People through Sibling Bereavement with Dr Laura Towers

The death of a sibling impacts upon every aspect of a young person’s life. Understanding how to effectively support surviving siblings is essential for all parents, carers and educators and evidence-based approaches are key. In this webinar, expert sociologist, Dr Laura Towers, will share what we know about the impact of sibling loss and ways to support those affected.

Children from Military Families: What We Know About the Impact of Service Life

Having a mum, dad or carer in the armed forces is likely to impact on children’s lives much more significantly than most parental career choices. We’ve compiled some recent research findings about what life is like for Service families, including both positives and potential challenges which might emerge.

Fantastic Families

Families come in all shapes and sizes and we want to encourage children to celebrate all the fantastic families that they see and feel a sense of pride in their own circle of loved ones, whatever form it takes. Use this activity to encourage primary-aged children to think about all the fabulous families in the world and nudge them to add their own family unit to the page.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith: Challenges Faced by Children with Intellectual Disabilities

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith about the experiences of children with intellectual disabilities and their families in the post-Covid period. They discuss Dr Gillespie-Smith’s Road to Recovery project, which aims to build a clear picture of the challenges faced by families with children with intellectual disabilities and how best to support them in the recovery phase of Covid.

My Family Life: Reflecting on what’s Good and what Could Be Better

Life at home with our family can be many things, both good and bad. At different times, it might feel fun, infuriating, calm, crazy, comforting, loving, a bit dull or mundane. There are probably things that you love and adore about it and other things that really get on your nerves. It can be useful to get everyone in your household, adults and children, to reflect a little on family life, thinking of the positives and negatives, and then think together about how to change or remedy some of those little annoyances.

Turning Over Stones: How to ‘Audit’ Family Life and Have Difficult Conversations

We all have things that work in family life and things that don’t. It’s useful to have periodic family conversations where the whole family evaluates the aspects of family life that are great and those that could do with tweaking or improving. But sometimes, especially with teenagers, it’s hard to know where to start! Use these 10 top tips to help initiate these family chats, and make them more productive and meaningful.