35 Fundraising Ideas for Families

Fundraising and donating to charity are great ways to build compassion, promote kindness and introduce children to the value and benefits of money. Use this list of 35 ideas to inspire your children to support the causes that they feel passionate about.

Books to Cultivate Kindness and Empathy

Kindness and empathy have far-reaching psychological and social consequences. Being kind and empathetic are skills that can be taught and reading has been found to help with their development. Here’s a list of books to build empathy for children of all ages.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Robin Banerjee: Transition, Peer Relationships, Kindness and Success – Rethinking Wellbeing

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Professor Robin Banerjee about the connections between peer relationships, kindness and wellbeing, especially at points of transition or change in our children’s lives. They discuss initiatives to help prioritise wellbeing at the point of entry to secondary school and university, consider systemic social changes that might be needed to really promote wellbeing and chew the fat on how to ensure that young people feel empowered to form positive social connections.

My Wellbeing Journal

We have designed this journal for your teens to fill in over a 14 day period. It aims to encourage them to reflect on their experiences and achievements and build resilience. It provides prompts that can help them to develop and maintain a positive mindset and improve wellbeing.

100 Acts of Kindness

One of the most powerful, evidence-based ways to cultivate kindness that we can adopt at home or in school is ‘counting’ acts of kindness’, by creating a list of ideas and ticking them off as we perform them. How many of our acts of kindness can your children complete?

Researcher of the Month: Dr Jesus Alfonso D. Datu Discusses the Power of Kindness

Our researcher of the month, Dr Jesus (Jess) Alfonso D. Datu talks to Dr Weston about the importance of teaching children to be kind and the far-reaching psychological and social consequences of kindness. They discuss Dr Datu’s recent paper which examined whether fostering kindness in young people could promote media literacy.