Books About Autism for Parents, School Staff, Children and Young People

This list consists predominantly of books that are written for parents, carers and school staff by leading experts in the field of autism. The first section is followed by some books that are directed at young people with autism which can be either read by themselves or together with a parent, carer, or at school.

Researcher of the Month: Dr Ola Demkowicz Discusses Teen Girls’ Mental Health

Our researcher of the month, Dr Ola Demkowicz, talks to Dr Weston about teenage girls’ mental health. We know that girls and women tend to be at greater risk of low mood, anxiety and depression, and that over the last decade or so, more girls are reporting symptoms of low mood and anxiety. Dr Demkowicz joins us to discuss her recent paper which investigates risk factors and cumulative risk exposure in relation to emotional symptoms. Find out more about risk and protective factors as well as what schools can do to cultivate better pupil wellbeing.

A Quick Guide to Self-Harm (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Self-harm is becoming increasingly prevalent among children and young people and should always be taken seriously. We’ve put together a quick guide, covering key things you need to know and where you can find more advice and information in the Tooled Up library.

Balancing Academic Achievement with Good Mental Health: Tips for Parents

It is possible for children to thrive both academically and mentally, but as parents we need to put lots in place to help this to happen. In this talk, Dr Weston shares the very best evidence-based tips on the things you can do at home to help your child thrive at school whilst promoting great mental health.

Dr Weston Talks with Suzi Godson: The MeeToo Mental Help App

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Suzi Godson, founder of the MeeToo mental help app, an NHS endorsed app, where young people aged 11-25 can seek help anonymously and receive reliable, age-appropriate and moderated support and advice from peers or trained counsellors.