How to Feed Your Family Well and Save Money

Meal planner, Claire Gillies from Delicious and Real, gives us her top tips on making weekly food budgets go further and explains how meal planning can save both time and money.

Taste Champion Award

This certificate can be used in conjunction with our New Food Reward Chart, to celebrate children’s achievements when they eat a new food. For some children, trying new flavours, textures or food types is a challenge and this award is an acknowledgement of their persistence.

New Food Reward Chart

Eating new foods is very challenging for some children and this can make mealtimes stressful both for them and for their parents. We’ve asked our friends at City Dietitians for their expert advice on gentle ways to encourage children to try new tastes. This reward chart, can be used in conjunction with our other resources on food and nutrition, either at home or at school. Remember, for some children, trying a new food can be a long journey. The first time that they are presented with a new flavour, they might only smell it, but even this is an achievement which should be acknowledged. Encourage them to give themselves a tick or a sticker each time they complete a step towards eating a new food.

How to Introduce Children to New Foods: A Dietitian’s Guide

Having a child who is very resistant to trying new foods can feel frustrating. However, it’s important to support them with gentle encouragement and lots of positive reinforcement. We’ve teamed up with paediatric dietitian, Anjanee Kohli, from City Dietitians to get some expert advice on evidence-based strategies that can help.

Tips to Encourage Children to Accept New Foods

Expanding children’s menus can be extremely challenging. We’ve teamed up with paediatric dietitian Anjanee Kohli to find out the dos and don’ts of encouraging children to try new foods and broaden their taste horizons.

Optimising Nutrition for Young Athletes

Dr Weston is joined by performance nutritionist, Dan Richardson, to discuss how young athletes can use sports nutrition to optimise their performance. This video is packed full of tips and recipe ideas, which will be useful for any family home, particularly those with children who do sport training frequently.

Dispelling Sports Nutrition Myths for Young Athletes

There are many misconceptions which circulate about good sports nutrition and it’s easy for young athletes, and their parents, to take on board inaccurate advice. To dispel the myths, we’ve asked expert performance nutritionist, Dan Richardson, for his top 10 nutritional ‘facts’, which are simply untrue.

Sports Day Nutrition

If your child has a sporting event or its your school’s annual sports day, it’s important to ensure that they are well fuelled. We’ve teamed up with performance nutritionist Dan Richardson to get his top tips for keeping energy levels high throughout the day. Share them with your children, so that they know exactly what to eat or drink to maximise their potential.