Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps & Products for Teens

Understanding more about their menstrual cycle can help young people manage symptoms more effectively. Help your teen to tool up with this list of the best innovations in menstrual cycle tracking apps and sustainable, comfortable, confidence-boosting period products that are highly suitable for younger girls.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Natalie Brown: The Importance of Menstrual Cycle Education

In this podcast, Dr Weston is joined by research scientist, Dr Natalie Brown, to discuss the importance of menstrual cycle education and its current delivery in UK schools. They talk about the everyday effects of the menstrual cycle, including its impact on school attendance, social confidence and participation in sport and physical activity, and explore the general lack of understanding around many of the issues associated with it. Dr Brown outlines the findings of a new study examining teachers’ perceptions of menstrual cycle education, chats about the perceived barriers to delivering it and lets us know what she and her team intend to do to help things improve!

Puberty: General Advice for Parenting Girls

Puberty is a time of change for children and also for parents, who may be at a loss working out how to support their child. Here are a few evidence-based tips for ‘getting it right’.