Junior Wobble Sheet for Managing Anxiety

When children are feeling wobbly about something, evidence shows that it can really help to ease their anxiety if they work out what is worrying them, who can help and how to make themselves feel better. Use this worksheet to help younger children steady their wobbles.

Wobble Points: Identifying Anxiety Triggers

If your child is feeling a bit wobbly about returning to school or going into school on a particular day, it can be hard for them to express exactly why. This evaluative tool can help children of all ages narrow down how they are feeling. Use it as a springboard for further chat. As you listen, stay calm, curious and understanding. Whatever the ‘wobble/s’, they can be constructively tackled, together.

When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Attend School

When a child is very anxious about going to school, it can feel overwhelming for the whole family. If your child is struggling to attend school, watch this video to get the best evidence-based advice on how to co-create an action plan with your child, to overcome these wobbles. During the clip, Dr Weston also discusses which Tooled Up resources can help young people to make small steps towards getting back to school every day.

Wobble Worksheet: Managing Anxiety

Take each of your wobbles and use our Wobble Worksheet to work out what your fears are, who can help, and what small steps you can take to feel better.