Q&A with Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain

Anyone interested in sport, lacrosse or general brilliance should take a peek at this webinar featuring Laura Merrifield, England Women’s Lacrosse Captain. Watch Laura reflect on her career highlights and provide advice for young athletes who want to enjoy and learn more about Lacrosse. This is a great interview to watch with any sporty children and teens.

Dr Weston Talks with Rugby Star and PE Teacher Sonia (Sonic) Green

In this interview, Dr Weston chats to England and Saracens rugby player, Sonia Green, otherwise known as Sonic. They discuss how to encourage sporting participation, how to balance academic pressures with sporting aspirations and the best way to deal with inevitable injuries. A must listen for all parents of young athletes and their children.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Natalie Brown: The Importance of Menstrual Cycle Education

In this podcast, Dr Weston is joined by research scientist, Dr Natalie Brown, to discuss the importance of menstrual cycle education and its current delivery in UK schools. They talk about the everyday effects of the menstrual cycle, including its impact on school attendance, social confidence and participation in sport and physical activity, and explore the general lack of understanding around many of the issues associated with it. Dr Brown outlines the findings of a new study examining teachers’ perceptions of menstrual cycle education, chats about the perceived barriers to delivering it and lets us know what she and her team intend to do to help things improve!

Optimising Nutrition for Young Athletes

Dr Weston is joined by performance nutritionist, Dan Richardson, to discuss how young athletes can use sports nutrition to optimise their performance. This video is packed full of tips and recipe ideas, which will be useful for any family home, particularly those with children who do sport training frequently.

Excellence in Sport: Boosting Young Athletes’ Emotional and Physical Resilience

In this video, Dr Weston is joined by Holly Cram, former professional hockey player for Scotland and Great Britain, and founder of Aspire USA. Holly now works with young athletes from across the UK and Europe, helping them to access sport scholarship opportunities in the USA. Holly talks about optimal parenting strategies when nurturing young athletes, how to build resilience and tells us a bit about what getting a scholarship to the USA is really like!

100 Sports for Children and Teens to Try

Inspired by the brilliance on display at the Olympics and Paralympics, we’ve put together a list of 100 sports that your children (and you!) could try, along with details of where to find out more. Whether or not you are a family of sports lovers, there is something here for everyone and the vast majority of the sports included have options for children and adults with disabilities. You’ll find both team sports and individual pursuits, activities for water babies and for those who like to keep their feet on solid ground and ideas for thrill seekers, along with some more gentle and calming exercise options.

Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

This factsheet is full of tips and advice to help you understand how to keep your children safe whenever they’re around water – whether you’re at home, out and about, or on holiday.

Dispelling Sports Nutrition Myths for Young Athletes

There are many misconceptions which circulate about good sports nutrition and it’s easy for young athletes, and their parents, to take on board inaccurate advice. To dispel the myths, we’ve asked expert performance nutritionist, Dan Richardson, for his top 10 nutritional ‘facts’, which are simply untrue.

Sports Day Nutrition

If your child has a sporting event or its your school’s annual sports day, it’s important to ensure that they are well fuelled. We’ve teamed up with performance nutritionist Dan Richardson to get his top tips for keeping energy levels high throughout the day. Share them with your children, so that they know exactly what to eat or drink to maximise their potential.

Keeping Active at Home: 50 Fun Ideas

Encouraging children to stay active can feel tricky, and was especially difficult when we were stuck at home. It’s really important that they keep moving and try to get a minimum of 60 minutes physical activity each day. These 50 fun ideas to keep their activity levels up are just as good now as they were during lockdown. Why not download a PDF, hand it to them and see how many they can do!