Dr Weston Talks with Dr Leor Zmigrod: Ideological Thinking and Radicalisation in Teens

In this episode, Dr Weston talks with Dr Leor Zmigrod about the psychology of ideological extremism. It’s a fascinating discussion which outlines cognitive characteristics that might act as vulnerability factors for radicalisation and ideologically-motivated behaviour in young people, before addressing what strategies might help to protect young people from this kind of rigid, and potentially dangerous, thinking.

50 Fantastic Female Sporting Role Models

2022 was an incredible year for women in sport. We were so in awe of the talent, skill, determination and resilience on display that we’ve brought together 50 fabulous sporting role models to inspire you and your children. It features athletes from around the world and from many different sports, each with a unique and interesting story.

Q&A with Rugby Great, Floyd Steadman OBE

Rugby correspondent Gavin Mairs interviews trailblazing player and ex-headteacher, Floyd Steadman OBE. Floyd will talk about his astonishing story, from being a child of the Windrush generation, to playing for and captaining Saracens rugby club – one of only 14 players to be inducted into their Hall of Fame. He also pursued a fantastic career in education and has been the Headteacher of three independent prep schools in his time.

Reducing the Risk of Severe Allergic Reactions and Getting Things Right in Schools

Managing pupils’ allergies can be a challenging business. In this webinar, one of the leading paediatric allergy experts in the country, Professor Adam Fox, is joined by allergy parent, Sarah Knight of The Allergy Team – an organisation offering support and training to schools and families. Together, they discuss what ‘optimal’ looks like, outlining what every school needs to know about allergy care and the steps required to reduce the risk of severe allergic reaction. Schools are advised to ensure that as many staff as possible watch this webinar, particularly those from medical teams, senior leadership, pastoral care and catering departments.

All About Allergies Follow Up with Professor Adam Fox

Following on from the success of his last Q&A for Tooled Up parents and carers, Professor Fox returns to answer more of your questions. He also discusses a unique model of working with parents of children with allergies, which he is bringing forward in his practice.

Developing Algorithmic Literacy

Do you really understand how algorithms work? Do you feel equipped to help your children learn more about what has become an essential part of digital literacy? We’ve rounded up some of the best evidence-based resources designed to help young people navigate and understand online algorithms.

A Quick Guide to Grief and Bereavement (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Sadly, the vast majority of young people will experience the death of someone significant to them before the age of 16. Losing someone that we love is extremely difficult for the whole family and ensuring that children feel supported when the adults who care for them might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed can be tough. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help. This quick guide talks you through some useful tips and points you to relevant resources in the Tooled Up library and beyond.

A Quick Guide to Emotional Literacy (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Emotional literacy refers to the ability to name and recognise the myriad of emotions that we all feel, and the skills to develop effective coping strategies to use when we experience difficult emotions. We’ve put together a quick guide to emotional literacy, extracting the most important things to know from current research, providing practical ways you can help to boost children’s emotional literacy and letting you know where you can find more advice and information on this crucial aspect of life in the Tooled Up library.

Becoming an Emotion Scientist

Inspired by the work of Professor Marc Brackett, author of “Permission to Feel” and Professor at Yale University, we have created this visual resource to support children and young people of all ages in developing emotional literacy.