Dr Weston Talks with Bennie Kara: Embracing and Valuing Diversity in Schools

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Bennie Kara, deputy headteacher, author and speaker on diversity in the curriculum and school environment. Bennie shares her wealth of expertise on how schools can build an inclusive school culture, talks about the importance of language and outlines some key terminology that all educators and parents should be aware of.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith: Challenges Faced by Children with Intellectual Disabilities

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith about the experiences of children with intellectual disabilities and their families in the post-Covid period. They discuss Dr Gillespie-Smith’s Road to Recovery project, which aims to build a clear picture of the challenges faced by families with children with intellectual disabilities and how best to support them in the recovery phase of Covid.

Resilience and Deafness with Dr Joy Rosenberg

In this webinar, Dr Weston is joined by Dr Joy Rosenberg, to talk about effective strategies for building resilience in children who are deaf. They discuss the intersection of mainstream resilience literature with deafness and outline crucial protective factors in building resilience. These include the development of self-esteem and identity, access to language, communication and information, and supportive networks.

Further Resources about Deafness and Hearing Loss

Audiologist, Dr Joy Rosenberg, has provided us with this fantastic list of resources about deafness and hearing loss. Split into usable sections, this article contains links to key advice that teachers and parents might want to know.

Understanding Deafness: 20 Things to Know

There are over 50,000 children in the UK who are deaf and temporary hearing loss will impact 80% of children by the age of 10. There are lots of simple ways to be more deaf-friendly, both at school, at home and in other social situations. We spoke to Dr Joy Rosenberg, Clinical and Educational Audiologist, to find out important facts about deafness and how we can best support deaf children.